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What is outsourcing?

People Lighthose's most complete offer is HR outsourcing, where we take over the delivery of agreed services and activities that were performed internally in the classic business model. Although sometimes perceived as a novelty, outsourcing is a natural consequence of development - when roles and/or tasks become more complex and quality standards rise. Most companies outsource some services and expertise that they do not have internally, e.g. in the field of finance or law, and there are more and more of those who recognize the same need in the field of human resource management.

With an increasing focus on employee performance, development, and satisfaction, as well as company culture, both small and large businesses can benefit from outsourcing. This type of business model allows you to do more for your employees while giving you back the certainty that you work in accordance with best practices. It gives you control over time and costs while reducing the pressure on you and your existing staff responsible for people & culture practices.

What can be outsourced?

Based on the analysis of your needs, we can find the optimal package of services for you:

Outsource HR function as a whole

If you do not have the luxury of hiring enough internal resources responsible for HR, but you need proven expertise and a strategic perspective, outsourcing the entire HR function is a good choice. In this way, you provide your companyan HR specialist who is uniquely equipped to manage a wide range of processes related to people and culture, and who closely collaborates and provides support to your employees who actively participate in or execute those processes.

Each company is unique. Based on a discussion and research with you, on professional analysis and market benchmarks, we will propose the specifics of external management of the HR function for your case.

Outsource HR module(s)

If you have an internal HR team, and you want to strengthen it with a partner for one or more areas within HR, we are at your disposal for outsourcing by modules. Modules, ie. segments of the HR function, can be  business partnering, candidate selection, internal communications, organizational design, company culture, HR procedures, policies and regulations, employee satisfaction, performance management, coaching, and mentoring programs, etc.

In each case, we define one or more HR modules that are outsourced, as well as which continuous activities, projects, and goals those modules include in your company.

Outsource positions - interim

If your current volume of work in the HR function is excessive, you have unplanned and urgent challenges, sudden departures, sick days, or long absences of employees, a possible solution for you is temporary (so-called interim) outsourcing positions or outsourcing by the project. 

People Lighthouse can take over the project for you in its entirety or get involved in a project managed internally, with your employees, or we can temporarily take over a position for an agreed number of months or until you manage to find an adequate candidate. Contact us and overcome the challenge you encountered.

Benefits of outsourcing:

  • Optimizes costs
  • Reduces legal and operational risks
  • Saves your time and energy
  • Brings fresh perspective, expertise, and insights from the market
  • Increases flexibility
  • Contributes to the efficiency and transparency of the processes


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