Do you want to ensure top results through effective HR processes and sustainable improvements?

HR consulting means the widest spectrum of support through ad hoc, continuous, or project-oriented cooperation, either by direct involvement in business or indirectly, providing support without contact with employees.

Directly, we work with you on planned and ad hoc projects, on the improvement of existing or the design of new HR processes and projects, as well as on the creation of the human resources management strategy to achieve your business goals and maximize profits in a way that is in line with company culture and values. HR strategy is a comprehensive document that defines the long-term direction of the HR function so that it supports and enables the general business strategy. HR strategy typically contains projects related to basic HR pillars (organizational design and culture), then projects that regulate the so-called talent management life cycle (the way the company attracts, develops, and retains employees), and finally, it includes projects aimed at strengthening the HR function itself (arrangement and improvement of processes, relations with key people, database, and reporting).

Indirectly, we support your work and development in the form of ad hoc advice, recommendations, forecasts, or the sharing of good practices in various areas of human resource management, but also in the form of an organized mentoring plan for HR colleagues who face new business challenges or, simply, want continuous support on their development path.

Types of support in the mentoring process

  • Advice: The mentor offers practical work recommendations based on their own experience.
  • Education: The mentor shares knowledge, facts, and information that support and enrich the mentee's work.
  • Coaching: The mentor provides support to the mentee to overcome development difficulties and dilemmas, asks the right questions when solving problems, and contributes to the development of a long-term perspective through help in defining goals and planning steps to achieve them.
  • Holding space: The mentor encourages communication and creativity and creates a safe space for the exchange of experience, opinions, and ideas.
  • Networking: The mentor refers the mentee to additional sources of professional support, learning resources, and networking.


Other forms of projects in the field of HR consulting:

  • Creating and harmonizing the human resources strategy with the general business strategy
  • Supporting management in solving specific problems or sensitive issues
  • Creation of HR policies, procedures, work instructions, and manuals
  • Creation and optimization of HR processes such as recruitment, onboarding, or internal transfers
  • Implementation and exploitation of HR software and systems
  • Creation or improvement of employee database and reporting system
  • Improvement of business processes and practices related to meetings and communication
  • Creation of compensation and benefits schemes and budgeting
  • Introduction or optimization of the competency system


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