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Assessment of potential  includes the psychological assessment of candidates within the selection process, as well as the assessment of the potential of employees using a combination of different assessment tools, depending on the needs of the specific situation.

Objective of the candidate assessment during the selection process is the recognition of those who match the ideal profile for the required position well enough in terms of abilities, motivation, and personality. 

Objective of the employees' assessment is determining the potential for further development based on assessed competencies, aspirations, and values and recognizing the employee's strengths and weaknesses. Based on this unique employee profile, it is possible to develop an ideal development plan and provide learning and support experiences that will yield the best results. In parallel, employee assessment contributes to optimal decision-making and planning in terms of readiness to take on new responsibilities.

We adapt to the specific needs of clients and arrange this service in different formats including ad hoc individual assessment, team-level projects, employee population, or candidate population for a specific position. Finally, it can have the form of continuous availability in a certain volume on a monthly basis.

Potential assessment elements

  • Interview based on competence and/or with a focus on the values and motivation of the interviewee.
  • Assessment of work materials and case study materials related to the specific needs of the position.
  • Personality and competency tests that provide an objective measure of comparison between test takers, predict their behavior in relation to others and how they would fit into the team.
  • Cognitive ability test intended for senior or management positions, with a focus on the ability to critically analyze information in order to solve problems in a business context.
  • The Rorschach inkblot test, which looks at the overall functioning of the personality in terms of emotions, thinking, capacity to withstand stress, self-image and interpersonal relationships.


Other projects based on potential assessment:

  • Providing professional feedback to employees through individual feedback sessions 
  • Support for employees in the development of an individual career path and the creation of development plans
  • Implementation or improvement of company-wide potential management processes
  • Implementation of a succession planning system for key positions
  • Recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of leadership styles at the company level
  • Creating an annual training plan and/or framework for all employee learning experiences
  • Creation of a standardized selection process or selection tool, based on the company's values, competencies, or goals


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