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We partner with you to establish your ideal processes to attract, develop, motivate, and retain the right people.


People lighthouse strives to be a recognized partner for flexible HR solutions and outsourcing. We support innovative and dynamic organizations to achieve and maintain outstanding results, continuous growth and/or profitable operations. From an overall HR strategy to an ad hoc project, on a flexible, contract or ad hoc basis, People Lighthouse supports companies of various sizes, locations and industries.

Our approach is completely client-centered, we explore through discussion specific and current development needs of the company. The services we present serve as an introductory orientation only, we create and implement customized solutions in response to the client's unique challenges and goals. Our goal is to provide a wide range of HR services, combining a strategic approach with expert knowledge and experience. 


I founded People Lighthouse with a vision to make last-generation HR experiences and processes typically present in large systems available to organizations of any size. I am determined to grow a business that not only reflects my own values but is also an ideal partner for companies that care about their employees and want to have the best possible HR practices at an affordable price.

When family or friends ask me what People Lighthouse does, the best explanation I can give is that we help companies with everything that matters, related to their people. I also say that Lighthouse means just that - a lighthouse - we strive to illuminate a good direction, we do not impose ready-made solutions, and it is up to our clients to decide on the development path they create for themselves and their employees. I hope we will have the opportunity to cooperate. Feel free to contact me for further information or to learn more about me on my Linkedin page.

Branka Irizanin

Founder, HR consultant






People Lighthouse was founded on the belief of sufficient growth opportunities for all, that the best way to win is - to cooperate and that the best way to lead - to serve.

Trust, partnership and flexibility are not just overused words to describe business relationships, for us, these descriptions serve as principles of everyday behavior and of the formation of long-term relationships.

People Lighthouse pays attention to costs, to real, current business needs, on the existing strengths and weaknesses of the company and employees. We freely share insights, learning, and ideas with clients, never recommend unnecessary work, and offer the most cost-effective options available. We are proud of our sound business logic and commitment to our client's success.

We do not believe in creating dependency in our clients. We always strive to exchange skills, knowledge and expertise. Our goal is to leave the organization more independent than we found it, with customized human resource management processes that the client can successfully implement independently of an external consultant.


Thank you for your trust!



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