Not sure if your organizational structure still fits your current and planned needs?

Organizational design is the process of ensuring that individuals with the right skills are where they need to be to meet the company's current and future needs. A project focused on organizational design helps you to look objectively at your current organizational structure and guides you through the process of restructuring to match what is required today and in the future, in terms of team composition, definition, and standardization of job descriptions, but also in terms of recruitment processes or managing redundancies. 


The key questions to ask are:

  • What is the current state: What are the current employees and processes like in terms of capabilities and capacities?
  • What is the desired state: what all individuals or functions in the company should do.
  • How to bridge the gap between demand and supply, combining different strategies in terms of internal and external action plans, such as developing existing managers, restructuring the organizational structure, external recruitment, outsourcing, and the like.

An organizational design optimization project is significant when…

  • There are problems at the level of management lines - there are employees with more (or less) than one manager, it is not completely clear who manages whom, etc.
  • The current structure of the company or team cannot meet the immediate needs or when there is planned growth or a change of work for which preparation is necessary.
  • It is necessary to restructure, optimize costs and improve efficiency in order to ensure competitiveness.
  • There is no standardized and transparent process by which organizational changes are made.
Adequate organizational design, aligned with the current and future needs of the organization enables effective communication and cooperation between individuals or teams through clear responsibilities and expectations, as well as through the opening of adequate communication channels by forming appropriate teams and reporting lines. The focus of the project is most often at the level of the organization and focused on management positions, but it can also refer to a specific function or sector.


Other forms of projects in the field of organizational design:

  • Management and execution of organizational changes
  • Creation of organizational charts, job descriptions, and job systematization
  • Managing the redundancy process with development plans for employees who remain and transition and support plans for employees who leave the company or change jobs
  • Creation of a communication plan related to organizational changes
  • Analysis, reporting, and recommendations related to employee salaries in the context of organizational changes
  • Planning and defining new jobs based on organizational changes


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