Are you concerned if your employees are optimally motivated to achieve company goals and a shared vision?

Employee experience planning involves analyzing the current and desired state and then designing specific initiatives with the goal of making employees satisfied and committed to the company, its goals, and values, connected to their colleagues and to the work they do so that they want to make the extra effort needed to achieve the company's goals. The most common way to start this process is through the Employee Satisfaction Survey which focuses on satisfaction with the company and with the immediate supervisor.

 The anonymous survey is taken online, via computer, iPad, or phone. The questions are based on unique, specific topics that are recognized in the company, then on topics recognized in HR theory and practice, such as communication, performance management, benefits, respect for the private life of employees, an autonomy that employees have, expertise, growth, achievements, contribution and connection as key influences on satisfaction. Finally, the survey includes an NPS score, which can be compared to a market benchmark. Results and recommendations are obtained at the level of the company, sector, and individual managers. The project is available in Serbian or English.

Why is the evaluation of the direct manager included?

The direct manager is responsible for at least 70% of the variance of job satisfaction and commitment (Gallup, 2018), and an anonymous survey that is analyzed and collected by an external consultant is often a unique opportunity for managers to receive honest feedback from their entire team, as well as to have an objective a point of comparison with the average rating of other managers in the company.

The Employee Satisfaction Survey project is significant when...

  • You haven't done a systematic employee satisfaction survey in a while
  • You're not sure what makes employees unhappy or why they leave the company
  • You worry if your employees are productive enough or if they will leave the company
  • You are not sure if all the managers in the company have a good enough understanding of how their employees see them
  • You wonder if there are differences between sectors, or you see that there are, and you're not sure why or how to solve them
 Investing in employee satisfaction and their overall experience with the company pays off many times over. A high level of employee satisfaction has a proven positive relationship with various parameters of business success, such as increased productivity and profitability, improved customer satisfaction, lower turnover rates (unwanted employee departures), and absenteeism (short-term sick leave) of employees.


Other types of projects in the field of employee experience planning:

  • Work on defining the company's values, vision, and mission
  • Work on identifying and promoting the desired business culture
  • Planning and execution of initiatives to improve employee satisfaction and team cohesion
  • Creating a working framework for employee benefits
  • Working at the sector or team level through individual interviews, focus groups, reports, and recommendations for improvement
  •  Creating and implementing initiatives to recognize the best employees in terms of the values that the company promotes or in terms of productivity, team spirit, etc.




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